A thousand miles would you run to speak with another who you knew really felt it and yet when you got there, find yourself speechless! And yet your only joy would be to speak of it….words fruitful, and filled with fire.

The Author of the Cloud of Unknowing knew of our desire for spiritual conversation and of our joy in finding such a person with whom we can speak of God, the divine ‘fire’ inside all things.   Grounded in traditional ancient Christian understandings of the heart as an organ of orientation and choice, rather like a compass, Spiritual Direction seek to facilitate spiritual transformation for the sake of love, reverence and service of God.

Conversations of the Heart has been established by Robyn Fitzgerald to provide a contemplative space to facilitate such conversations, through spiritual direction and companionship. Robyn is a Spiritual Director who gives the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and offers regular retreat days and meditation. If you feel a deep and sincere desire to live in intimate relationship with God, spiritual direction will nourish this desire and help you awaken this desire in all parts of your life.

To arrange a time for spiritual direction, or for more information, contact Robyn.

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