Personal Retreats

Personal Retreats are also offered on request. These are retreats prayed at home and developed in response to your own desire to deepen into a mystic you feel drawing you or have longed to spend more time with. These can be taken over any length of time depending on your life circumstances and spiritual needs. Please contact Robyn if you are interested

Previous Retreats

God loves nothing better than the desert, where the seeker goes to give birth to God and participate in the joy of birth, the joy of preexilic birth.
David Applebaum

 Blossoming in the Desert

Five-Day Silent Retreat for Advent  

4th -10th Dec, 2021

Guided and Directed by  Robyn Fitzgerald and Madeline Duckett rsm

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight the paths of our God.  Isaiah 40:3 

This Advent, we will walk the path taught to us by John the Baptist who had learned to empty himself so completely, to be “empty and bare as the desert”  in which he lived, and where he discovered and enjoyed God’s birthing within himself.   In the subtle beauty and the colourful hues of the silence of the desert, we will create the necessary quiet to prepare our hearts for the birthing of the Word, personally and communally.   Over five days, we will soak in the wisdom of St John the Baptist, accompanied by the mystics, artists and poets who know this blossoming place in the soul, and are deeply versed in the wisdom of  unitive consciousness.  

The retreat will be facilitated by Robyn Fitzgerald who will be joined by Sister Madeline Duckett rsm to offer spiritual direction.   The retreat will be offered on-line.   The cost of the retreat is $350.00 and includes daily teachings, guided meditations and spiritual direction. Recordings of the material will be made available each evening.  You are warmly invited to contact Robyn Fitzgerald at for further information.   


Teilhard de Chardin and the Way of Transformation Through Love and Suffering

Six-Day Online Silent Retreat

12-18th October, 2020

Guided and Directed by Madeline Duckett rsm and Robyn Fitzgerald

This retreat will explore central aspects of the spiritual journey of Teilhard de Chardin for our own inner unfolding of being in the Cosmic Christ, It will focus on the hidden, mystical power of love and suffering to transform our hearts to becoming prophets of hope in a world in need of love. There will be opportunity for spiritual direction and we will celebrate the Mass on the World during the retreat. This retreat was offered online through Santa Casa, Queenscliff, Victoria.

World Without End

Six-Day Online Silent Retreat for Advent

6 -12 Dec 2020

Guided and Directed by Catherine Hefferan rsm and Robyn Fitzgerald

“When I know I am going to walk forever, I have time for now” says Thomas Hubl, echoing the wisdom of mystics over centuries who proclaim our eternal personhood and our timeless nature. This Advent, we invite you to come together to create a community of Silence where we will sink into the Eternal Presence that lies beneath all that is fragile, tender and hurting in our world. Here, in the ground of our heart, we participate in the eternal birthing of Christ Omega shining through each one of us and our communal heart where we will see, as Teilhard de Chardin writes, “the whole universe has become the temple of the living God….where…..everything that exists is sacred, and everything that happens is adorable”.