Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual Direction is a timeless and somewhat hidden ministry offered by women and men throughout the history of Christianity.    In spiritual direction, a sacred, safe space is created as we meet in the ground of our heart to participate in our Oneness in the Divine, in each other and in all things.  Here we listen to the creative, active presence of the Divine manifesting as our life,  tending those hurt parts that have disconnected from the flow of Love so as to be free and safe to open our hearts to Love.   As conversations touch more and more deeply into our true nature, beyond images of self, we discover Love pouring out through us into the world.

We live in a time where the Divine birthing of a ‘new’ consciousness of interconnectedness and oneness, the Christ Consciousness, has become intense and urgent.  Spiritual direction helps us open our hearts to the mystical truths taught by Christ and to awaken from within this consciousness of Oneness that is Love.